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User Groups

CFGIS Users Group

The Central Florida GIS Users Group is open to all who are interested in the practice of GIS in the region. 

The group brings together governmental, non-profit, and private sector GIS users to coordinate issues of common concern, encourage data sharing, promote training opportunities, and present information on current events.  The meetings also provide for informal networking opportunities. CFGIS Users Group meets quarterly.

If you would like to receive information on CFGIS Users Group meetings and other announcements from CFGIS, contact us, and you will be placed on the notification list.


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Brevard County Users Group – B.U.G.

The Brevard County GIS User Group has been meeting for over a decade. Established in 1992, it is open to all GIS users interested in attending. Its quarterly meetings take place at members places of work.

The meetings can include presentations of projects, tours of GIS facilities, product demonstrations, information on how to perform specific GIS tasks, and general coordination.

For more information on the Brevard County GIS User Group, contact Dave Jordan or (321) 225-3074.

Lake County Users Group

The Lake County GIS Users Group meets normally meets at the Lake County Administrative Building in  Tavares. Meetings typically draw representatives of several Lake County agencies, municipalities, and associated entities. The group began getting together in 2000, and the focus of the group is to discuss opportunities that can translate into practical GIS solutions.

Look for information about the next scheduled Users Group meeting by clicking here.

Meetings may also include other activities such as discussing potential GIS related process improvements, software demonstrations, and GIS tips and tricks. Although open to all, there is a restriction against marketing at the meetings.

For more information, contact (352) 742-6555.

Osceola County User's Group

The Osceola Geographic Information Committee was formed in 2000 to bring together GIS professionals from Osceola County government, the cities of Kissimmee and St. Cloud, and others. Meetings focus on joint project coordination, data sharing, common data issues, and often include educational presentations.

Committee meetings are generally scheduled on a bimonthly basis, and the site rotates among several locations.
For more information, contact Tony Curtis or (407) 518-2191.

Seminole County Users Group

The Seminole County GIS Users Group began in the late 1900's and includes individuals from various county departments and offices, municipalities, and other organizations. Although open to all, there is a restriction against marketing at the meetings. Activities during the meetings include general coordination, data sharing, updates on when new data will be available, information on how to perform specific GIS tasks, formal training, project presentations, tours of GIS facilities, and product demonstrations.

The group meets monthly. Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month from 10:00 to noon.

For more information, contact Melvin Barnes or (407) 665-1105.

Volusia County Users Group

Previously active on an informal basis for several years, the Volusia County GIS Users Group began holding monthly meetings in 2005. The group brings together individuals from several County departments along with staff from the municipalities, Volusia County Property Appraiser’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Votran.

The meeting agendas generally include information on data availability and project status, tips and tricks, and user questions.

For more information, contact Al Hill via email or at (386) 736-5973, extension 3470.