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ECFRPC Releases Eatonville Livability Analysis
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ECFRPC Releases Eatonville Livability Analysis - 4/2/2014
The East Central Florida Regional Planning Council recently completed a Comprehensive Plan audit, GIS analysis and overall livability analysis with funding from the Winter Park Health Foundation. For a copy of the final plan, please redirect to the following location:


Executive Summary

In a time when roads are getting wider, cars are moving by faster and walking is a pure afterthought to the convenience of the automobile, towns and cities are seeking more innovative and complex solutions to battle the issues associated with urban sprawl, declining public health and decreasing community interaction.

Incorporated in 1887, the Town of Eatonville, Florida is a perfect case study to identify and implement these innovative solutions. The Town of Eatonville has a distinct and proud history – one that is a staple of importance to the ever-changing Central Florida region – and that history deserves to be shared and expressed through the work and lifestyles of its citizens and the quality of its civic infrastructure.
Therefore, the directive of this plan is to enhance that history and improve the quality of life of Eatonville’s residents through policy improvements to the Town of Eatonville Comprehensive Plan, emphasizing policies that can be improved, altered or created to improve the safety, health and community cohesiveness within the Town.
The analysis utilized five livability principles – Health, Connectivity, Safety, Multi-Modal Infrastructure, and Place Making – and addressed these principles through an audit (or grading) of each of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan policies. The goal of the audit will be to identify specific areas where policy changes can make improvements to the Town, as there is a firm understanding among planning and healthcare professionals that the implementation of these principles and their underlying strategies can improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors of this great town.
This study also identifies areas of strength and weakness within the Comprehensive Plan, as well as potential opportunities and obstacles, and identifies policies that may be edited, added or removed from the plan in an effort to create a unified vision for a healthy Eatonville community. Finally, this analysis includes comprehensive GIS Map Series (found in Appendix A) to put the recommendations into specific context.