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Interactive Tools
More than 85 percent of the data used by local agencies in their decision-making is geographic in nature. CFGIS Interactive Tools will enable even non-GIS professionals to take advantage of several regional interactive mapping tools. The public can customize maps to display the types of information in a format and scale appropriate to their needs.

East Central Florida Regional Atlas

The interactive East Central Florida Regional Atlas brings to life many of the regional datasets that can be downloaded from the CFGIS clearinghouse.

Central Florida Safe Routes Portal

The Central Florida Safe Routes Portal is a program of the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council and aims to bring together all the components that make walking and biking to school possible.

Regional Demographic Atlas

The Regional Demographic Atlas (RDA) is an interactive mapping tool designed to emphasize demographics throughout the six county ECFRPC region.  The RDA has been designed to provide a user friendly environment for visualizing demographic information including datasets from both the 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census updates.  Several tools have been incorporated to aid in basic analysis and provide a level of depth to the interactive mapping process.


The Strategic Intermodal System Implementation & Management Portal (SISIM) Portal is an interactive tool which will allow SIS partners throughout District Five to share information concerning the implementation of operational improvements for SIS facilities identified through various planning initiatives. The information provided in the portal can be used by public and private stakeholders to determine what is needed to maintain mobility along important SIS corridors and multi-modal connections vital to the economic health of the region.


TransPort is an interactive GIS mapping and analysis tool that serves as a one-stop-shop for transit. The purpose of the tool is to host and disseminate transit related information and allow mapping and spatial analysis of transit systems to inform decision making. The ultimate objective is to support development of coordinated planning and implementation strategies with the regional transportation partners to ensure consistency of future plans of various transit agencies within the District.

DRI Tool

Provides access to information regarding Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) in nine Central Florida counties. Related documents such as DRI summaries, comments, annual reports, amendments and others may also be downloaded as PDFs.

Work Program

Provides access to basic information regarding transportation projects programmed over a five year period that are funded with state and federal transportation dollars in nine Central Florida counties. FDOT District Five Adopted Work Program Tool includes a list of active projects and their respective phases, a description of the projects, and explanations of how projects are funded.

Traffic Data

Florida Department of Transportation makes available on CFGIS website many types of public transportation data. The files include traffic counts, reports and presentations, FSUTMS model files, and more.