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CFGIS - Educating Central Florida

Education is a very important part of what CFGIS is all about. We strive to promote education for the general public as well as the most advanced GIS professional.  Our site is for the councilman, the regional planner, and  the local businessman. Anyone can benefit from GIS information.

Every map tells a story, but GIS has the power to transform a map into a dynamic, all-encompassing novel, capable of displaying many layers of data together to create innovative ideas and  provide a better understanding of how complex real-world situations interact.  But it is with education that these ideas can take flight.  CFGIS strives to promote education throughout Central Florida, so that everyone, from the GIS professional to a citizen of the general public, can benefit from GIS information.

Our important workshops and training opportunities are listed here, but there are several additional educational avenues available through CFGIS on this site:

  • Visit the Users Groups section to check out meeting times near you
  • Check out our Events Calendar for more upcoming events – you can even search by date!
  • Take a look at our Interactive Tools section to see what new tool we have that could help you perform your GIS tasks or searches
  • The Tips and Tricks will be updated with new tips from users around the region – these contain short and sweet advice on making your job easier.
  • CFGIS is primarily public funded, so  it can offer its services at cost to public agencies in the state of Florida – learn how this could benefit you in the Regional Projects section of our site.

To learn more about how CFGIS can be used for the benefit of all of Central Florida, click here to read “GIS - The Great Educator” and see how GIS can assist the community including an selection on how GIS was utilized during the  “How Shall We Grow?” regional visioning project.

If you have any questions about educational opportunities, or want to suggest one, please contact us!

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Training Opportunities