How to Search DRI
The DRI PLUS portal allows users to search for DRIs in multiple ways. There are basic and advanced search options on the View & Download DRI Information page.

All search options work in conjunction with each other except the DRI Dropdown. This is an exclusive search built for a user who knows the DRI they want to inspect, and select it from the list. When this option is selected, all other search options are negated, and only this DRI is brought up in the search results below.

The search options include:
•       Searching for DRI by Name or Alias
•       Searching for DRI by selecting it from a Dropdown (overrides all other options)
•       Searching for DRI by selecting one or more Counties
•       Searching for DRI by selecting one or more Statuses
•       Searching for DRI by selecting one or more Land Use Types
•       Searching for DRI by selecting an acreage range
In addition to the DRI searching there is also a general website search capability which is available from the basic search textbox on the Home Page (splash page) and the DRI portal pages. When this search is used, the search results are brought back in multiple tabs providing a more categorized search result, to make it more intuitive for the user to find what they are looking for.
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