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The CFGIS Clearinghouse gathers GIS data from throughout Central Florida and houses it in a centralized location. CFGIS integrates multiple datasets and many types of GIS data from more than ten counties, and many regional, state, and federal agencies. Some of the datasets while present in the clearinghouse are not maintained by the CFGIS team. CFGIS relies on the cooperation of the many agencies and organizations to provide updates and notify our team when new datasets become available.

Do you have Central Florida GIS data that you would like to share? If your data is available on the internet we will provide a link to your site.  If you would like your data to be housed on the public CFGIS clearinghouse, our policy is to provide that service free of charge.  For more information about placing data on CFGIS, please see our Submitting Data to CFGIS document.

If you download data from CFGIS Clearinghouse, you are bound by the terms and conditions outlined in CFGIS Privacy Policy (this is the same link as “Terms and Conditions” at the bottom of the page). Please review this document thoroughly before downloading materials.

Please be aware of the CFGIS website maintenance schedule which includes the Clearinghouse.

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